Marie Curtis Racing

     I was born and raised in Northern Nevada. I am 22 years old with an Associates degree in Criminal Law. I work a full-time job in construction while also pursuing my passion in the racing industry!  

     I started racing when I was 18, in 2019, after being offered a chance to drive a Pure Stock that needed a little motor work. After fixing the motor with the help of my dad and grandpa I started racing at our local track Winnemucca Regional Raceway and at Battle Mountain Raceway about 45 minutes from us. That first year I took my first checkered flag and placed 2nd in track points along with Rookie of the Year for the class at Winnemucca Regional Raceway.  I loved racing that first summer and after returning the pure stock to its owner, I purchased my first car. A Camaro that was going to be fixed and raced in our local Northern Nevada Hobby Stock class. With the help of my parents and grandpa I spent the winter building the motor, painting the car and getting things fixed for the upcoming season. 2020 was my first year with the hobby stock I won Winnemucca Regional Raceway track Champion and Rookie of the Year for the hobby class while also coming in 2nd in points at Battle Mountain Raceway. 

      After my second season racing and first season with the hobby stock I decided I wanted to be able to travel and learn even more. To do that I would need a car that I could travel with. My parents and I traveled to Iowa so I could purchase my first IMCA stock car. Starting my 3rd season racing (2021), I decided to run both cars. Racing (2) cars each night was a challenge but I had a lot of fun, focusing more on my stock car than the Hobby stock. My first race with the stock car was at Cocopah Speedway in Yuma, AZ. I spent some time traveling back and forth to Arizona during our off season. Trying to gain as much seat time and experience as I could. While I did not win any championships with my Hobby stock, I did win several races at various tracks in Northern Nevada.  In my stock car I won the Nevada State Championship as well as 3 track championships at Summit Raceway, Battle Mountain Raceway, and Winnemucca Regional Raceway. I was one of only two drivers in IMCA to win 3 track championships and a state championship in the same year.  I also made history with my sister being the first sisters in IMCA history to win two state championships in separate classes the same year.  It was during this year that I first traveled to Arizona, Wyoming, and Utah to race as well. 

     Going into my 4th season of racing (2022), I was even more excited about racing and had found another Stock car.  I eventually sold my first stock car but kept running my Hobby stock and my new stock car. Traveling and racing as much as I could. In my 4th season of racing, I won Winnemucca Regional Raceway Track Championships in both my Hobby and my Stock car and placing 2nd in the State with the Stock car. I also raced my first Winter Nationals at Cocopah Speedway; it was the first race with the new stock car. I gained a lot of knowledge during those 2 weeks in Yuma, including what it felt like to roll my car. We were able to get the car fixed and ready to race by the next night with the help of friends and family.  At the end of the 4th season I made the decision to part ways with my Hobby stock so I can focus on my Stock car.

     I’m looking forward to my 5th season racing (2023), the beginning of this year I was able to travel to IMCA Winter Nationals again and there I could see improvement in my driving from the previous year showing my hard work and dedication Is paying off. I work hard to be here and I am honored to have such great people standing beside me. This year I have plans to travel to Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Oregon as well as racing here in Nevada. Racing is my passion and I enjoy working on my own cars. Everything from working on the chassis to working on and even building engines. I love to see the kids in the stands, and I work hard to be a good role model for them. Being able to be what that kid wants to be when they grow up and showing them that hard work can pay off means so much to me.  I go to the stands whenever I can to meet the kids and adults but I also love talking to people who drop by my pit during races. So if you are ever at any of my races stop by and say hi!

     I have so many people to thank for standing beside me in the pursuit of my racing. The support and encouragement I have received from so many is astounding. Words could never say enough about how much each person, fan, sponsor, and family member has done for me. I strive to show them each day by pursing my racing career, building my knowledge base, and helping others when I can. 

Driven By:

- Marie Curtis #76M