2023 Monster Truck Show, Winnemucca, NV

2023 Monster Truck Show, Winnemucca, NV

A race car at a monster truck show? Yes, it happened and not just with my race car.  A few months ago, we were given an invitation to participate in the Winnemucca Monster Truck show.  We absolutely loved the idea and knew it would fit in nicely with the time frame to reveal the new car wrap. We happily agreed on the chance to be a part of the show, as this was the first time in about 5 years the Monster trucks would be in town. It was a chance to not only help with the show but also a chance to meet and interact with people who shared a love for all kinds of motor sports. 

After finishing the wrap just a couple days before the show we loaded the car in the trailer Thursday night and hauled it down to the events complex. Of course, when I went to start the car to unload it I realized I had a dead battery.  Good thing I had lots of help to push the car out of the trailer and into the building where it would be on display all weekend. We left the car there and returned early Friday morning to start setting up our display. We repositioned the car, set up a pop up with lighting and set up the display for the new merchandise. We also filmed a short video of the new wrap to be revealed on my Facebook page later that afternoon. Cole Jones, a fellow dirt track racer and driver of the 4C IMCA modified showed up with his car as well as the BMR racing, Nascar ARCA series #16 car. While I did not get to meet the driver I did spend some time with the people who hauled the car down and even helped them load it back up early Sunday morning so they could get on the road before the bad weather hit the pass.

The doors opened at 4:30 pm Friday night to an eagerly waiting crowd.  The event started off with the Pit Party, where the monster trucks were on display and the drivers were on hand to sign autographs.  They had two specially built monster trucks there that could haul passengers, which was a huge hit with people of all ages. The ride trucks were Sapphire and Identity Theft and while I did not have the chance to ride along my sister Kayla did jump in Sapphire for a ride Friday night. The other trucks in attendance and performing were Titan, Identity Theft, California Kid, Weekend Warrior, and Rock Star. They put on an amazing show and if you have not had a chance to check them out I highly encourage you to do so. You can find them at www.titanmonstertruck.com and www.straightupracing.com for their schedule, merchandise and more.

 I along with my volunteer pit crew and booth help (aka my parents and sister) stayed close to the car to answer questions, hand out Hero cards and sign autographs as well. It was a very busy night and I ended up running out of Hero cards before the show even started. Saturday, I came back even more prepared with Hero cards and still ran out. It was easily the biggest, most fan packed event night I have ever seen at the events complex.  There was standing room only on Saturday night and I spoke to so many people of all ages about my car and racing.  It was such a great weekend, and I didn’t even race the car.

This event also allowed me the opportunity to take a few pictures with a couple of my sponsors. I wish I could have gotten more pictures with my other sponsors, but I will get those handled soon. Standing with me by my car as well as the #16 BMR racing car is John Bianchi owner of Bianchi’s Napa Auto parts in Winnemucca, NV. As you can imagine, being a racer, I tend to spend a lot of time in the parts house and John, his son Joe and the entire crew are always willing to help me find whatever it is I’m looking for. They also are a great help for my everyday vehicles and the equipment my parents use in their business. Next up is Mike Scott, unfortunately his better half Kelly was not with him when we took pictures because she was running the ticket booth for the show. Mike and Kelly are not only great sponsors they are close personal friends who love to help by bringing fun and exciting events to town as well as helping people pursue and achieve their dreams where they can. If you are looking to rent some equipment for a weekend yard project, a bigger project or simply some space to store your stuff, they have you covered at Patriot Storage and U-Haul.  If you need a van, or trailer to move your belongings Scott Ventures U-Haul as well as Patriot Storage U-Haul is the place to look. Kyler Repella with Kyler Repella Motorsports was also there to enjoy the show. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures with him but he is a great guy who is excellent in Digital Marketing. If your looking to get a website done I highly recommend using him, he did do this website!

With the monster truck show wrapped up the car is back in the shop for a few more minor adjustments and checks before our race season here in Nevada begins. That is if the weather ever lets up long enough to get the tracks up and going. In my next post I will be taking some time to introduce and show off the 2023 merchandise line.  All merchandise purchase funds go towards my racing program, allowing me to travel to more tracks and save up to replace parts that I need on the car. We also have a donate section here on the page if you would like to help me with my racing program. -Marie Curtis
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